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this is a guide to make this game playable for everyone who wants to play it

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Simple Guide

This is a guide to make this game more playable and less confusing and less exasperating.

Where to download?

I publish all the releases through github releases. Simply go there to download:

If you want to find the 7DRL version, then: v7drl-b is your way to go.

If you want to find a less bugged, more fun version, then you should download the latest version.

Windows and OS X builds are avaliable.

For linux, you need to run from source. Thus you have to

Basic Controls

ASCII Legends (Only contains those alien to typical rogue-likes)


When you start a game (after class selection), the screen will be empty, simply press any direction key to normally start the game.

When you ascend to next floor, the screen will not update, you can also just press any direction key to update the screen.



Bullets don't behave like actual bullets (as in the shooter games), for they are not for you to actually dodge. Rather they are only there for forcing you to move (or in fighter game jargons, they are there for zoning purposes), you can graze bullets (destroy them) by moving thru them, that means: as long as you keep moving, these bullets cannot hit you.

Nonetheless, sometimes bullet spamming enemies will be paired up with melee-centered enemies, and that is the real problem.

Deck & Profile

The only way to upgrade your ability is thru your decks. Every time you pick up a "c" item, you draw one card from you deck. When a game starts, your profile ("~/EienteiRL/profile.rb" on unix and "%userprofile%/EienteiRL/profile.rb" on windows) is loaded. Pressing d uses the current card, which will provide you with either an upgrade in skill, or an upgrade to your mhp or mmp.

Skills can have a max level of four, and you can bring more than four cards for the same skill (though it would be a waste of card), you should only bring skills for your own class (that means you can bring other classes' skills as well, but it would be considered cheating). Only bring 10 cards per deck.

Skills Info

Note: this was meant to be in game description (currently not because I ran out of time)



Skill Code Name (use this in your profile) Description Derives from
Phantom Shot (primary shot) :six_realms A ranged shot that hits enemy on the same line IN Youmu's shot
Lotus Cut :flower_slash A somewhat high damage slash that run-passes the enemy SWRS Youmu's alt214
Phosphorus Slash :phosphorus_slash A short-range multi-target slash SWRS Youmu's alt236

Time Maid

Skill Code Name (use this in your profile) Description Derives from
Mysterious Jack(primary shot) :mysterious_jack A long-range single-target shot IN Sakuya's Shot
Close-up Magic :close_up_magic A middle-range multi-target all-around skill SWRS Sakuya's 623
Vanish Everything :vanish_everything Teleport to the nearest enemy, upgrading to lv2 makes this a lot safer SWRS Sakuya's 22
Magic Star Sword :magic_star_sword Long range, multi-target scan that hits enemy on the same line SWRS Sakuya's 236
Sakuya's World :time_stop Stops the time, while every turn drains the player's spirit, upgrading decreases spirit cost per turn. SWRS Sakuya's Spellcard


Skill Code Name (use this in your profile) Description Derives from
Stardust Missle(primary shot) :stardust_missle Puffball with a special explosion-type range. IN Marisa's Shot
Grand Stardust :magic_dust Upgraded version of the primary shot, upgrading generates bigger explosion. SWRS Marisa's 22
Bullet Absorber :bullet_absorb Throws out an entity that clears bullet around it, starting from lv1 the entity will convert bullet to items at random rate. DDC MarisaB's bomb
Summer Flame :summer_flame Summons a magic flame, which will quickly expand over the room, high-damaging (both to your enemy and to you) potential. SWRS Patchouli's alt236
Borrow :borrow 1-tile-range steal skill Fandom of Marisa

Doll Manipulator

Skill Code Name (use this in your profile) Description Derives from
Doll Placement(primary shot) :doll_placement Places a doll at a somewhat random position, the doll will try to damage the enemy near it every turn. SWRS Alice's 236
Edo Pawn :edo Places a doll, the doll will try to approach an enemy and explode, the explosion has high damage and could hurt you as well. SWRS Alice's alt623
Doll Ambush :ambush Places dolls near you, the dolls, when find enemies in 1-distance, will attack the enemy and disappear, upgrading summons more dolls. SWRS Alice's alt236
Doll Servant :servant Summons a doll that will follow you and try to attack enemies when near. None.
Doll Recycle :doll_recycle Counts all dolls on the map, clears them, then replenishes your mp for a bit, upgrading regenerates more mp. None.


:mhp and :mmp could be used in decks to indicate an upgrade to your max hp and max mp.